Procedural Requirements


Procedural Requirements are adopted resolutions on matters of procedures to be followed by Members.

Procedural Requirements adopted shall be incorporated in the practices and procedures of the members within the periods agreed by the IACS General Policy Group.

The technical backgrounds (development histories) of Procedural Requirements since 2004 can be found by following this link.

A list of the IACS working groups responsible for each Procedural Requirement may be found here.

PR 1A Rev5 CLN

PR 1A Procedure for Transfer of Class
Rev.5 Jan 2016

PR1A, PR1B, PR1C Contact Details

List of Contact Points for PR1A, PR1B, PR1C Procedures for changing classification status. Updated 5 December 2017.

PR 1B Rev2 CLN

PR 1B Procedure for Adding, Maintaining or Withdrawing Double or Dual Class
Rev.2 July 2013

PR 1C Rev5 CLN

PR 1C Procedure for Suspension and Reinstatement or Withdrawal of Class in Case of Surveys, Conditions of Class or Recommendations Going Overdue
Rev.5 Jan 2016

PR 1D New

Procedure for Class Entry of Ships not subject to PR1A or PR1B (NEW Oct 2014)

PR 1 Annex Rev2 CLN

PR 1 Annexes to PR1A, PR1B and PR1C
Rev.2 Oct 2013

PR 2 Deleted

PR 2 Procedure for Failure Incident Reporting and Early Warning of Serious Failure Incidents - “Early Warning Scheme - EWS”
Deleted January 2017

PR 2A New

PR 2A Procedure for Hull Failure Incident Reporting - July 2015

PR 2B New

Procedure for Early Warning of Serious Hull Failure Incidents - "Early Warning Scheme - EWS" - July 2015

PR 3 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

PR 3 Transparency of Classification and Statutory Information
Rev.1 Corr.1 Nov 2016

PR 5 Rev0 CLN

PR 5 Definition of Exclusive Surveyor and Non-Exclusive Surveyor and Procedure for Employment and Control of Non-Exclusive Surveyors
Rev.0 July 2009

PR 6 Rev3 CLN

Procedure for Activity Monitoring of Surveyors, Plan Approval Staff and Auditors - Rev.3 Nov 2014

PR 7 Rev1 CLN

PR 7 Procedure for the Training and Qualification of Survey and Plan Approval Staff
Rev.1 Nov 2012

PR 8 Rev1 CLN

PR 8 Procedure for Responding to Port State Control
Rev.1 Dec 2010

PR 9 Rev2 CLN

PR 9 Procedural Requirements for ISM Code Certification
Rev.2 Sept 2012

PR 10 Rev2 CLN

PR 10 Procedure for the Selection, Training, Qualification and Authorisation of Marine Management Systems Auditors
Rev.2 November 2014

PR 10B New

PR 10B Procedure for the Selection, Training, Qualification and Authorisation of Maritime Labour Inspectors - New December 2016

PR 11 Rev1 CLN

PR 11 IACS Procedure for Assigning Date of Build
Rev.1 November 2010

PR 12 Rev2 CLN

PR 12 Procedure for Statutory Certification at Change of Class without Change of Flag
Rev.2 Jun 2016

PR 14 Deleted

PR 14 Procedure for Reporting the List of Bulk Carriers Complying with UR’s S19, S22 and S23
Deleted July 2009

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