IACS Quality System Certification Scheme

The long-standing scheme has been amended such that audits and assessment of compliance with the QSCS are now carried out by independent external Accredited Certification Body(ies) ("ACB"), rather than IACS's own auditors. The Scheme can be applied equally by IACS Members and non-IACS classification societies (including non-Applicants for IACS Membership).


The details of the scheme are given in IACS Procedures, Volume 3, IACS Quality Systems Certification Scheme (QSCS).

A list of ACBs meeting the requirements of the Scheme can be downloaded here.

The policy regarding complaints is given in Annex 4 of the Procedures mentioned above.

IACS QSCS Operations Centre
c/o IACS Ltd
4 Matthew Parker Street
Westminster, London SW1H 9NP

Email: qscs.ops@iacs.org.uk

Quality Secretary: Peter Williams - 01590 637268

Assistant to Quality Secretary: Tanya Cross - 01590 637269

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