Permanent Secretariat
4 Matthew Parker Street
Westminster, London SW1H 9NP
TEL: +44 (0)20 7976 0660

For General Enquiries

Secretary General: Robert Ashdown
Accredited Rep to IMO: Konstantin Petrov
Technical Secretary: John Vanezos
Technical Officer: Yulong Wan
Technical Officer: Murali Krishna
IMO Technical Officer: Nimia Willems
Representative to EU: Astrid Grunert
PA to Secretary General: Julia Wolsey
PA to Accredited Rep to IMO: Debbie Fihosy
Company Accountant: Sharon Smith

QSCS Contacts please see Quality (QSCS) page

Note for website developers - IACS is now inviting for quotes by 28 September 2021 to update this website and please find the detailed specifcation 

Konstantin Petrov

Accredited Representative to IMO

Robert Ashdown

Secretary General

John Vanezos

Technical Secretary

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