IACS has submitted two papers to this meeting on the following issues:


  • NCSR 4/24 - a unified interpretation (IACS UI SC279) on the provisions of SOLAS relating to the annual testing of the VDR, S-VDR, AIS and EPIRB. It is intended that this UI will facilitate the global and consistent implementation of these requirements. In particular, this IACS UI addresses the timing of the annual VDR performance test as part of the Safety Equipment periodical survey and the annual testing of the AIS and the EPIRB
  • NCSR 4/24/1 - a draft IACS unified interpretation on the placement of sidelights according to the COLREGs. This draft UI takes into account the conclusion reached at NSCR 3 that the Sub-Committee supported the development of a unified interpretation on this issue; and the invitation that was extended to IACS to develop a draft unified interpretation for consideration at a future session based on the compliant and reasonable arrangement as to how the "horizontal plane" should be applied to the "vertical sector" as explained by IACS in its submission to NCSR 3


NSCR 4 has a heavy agenda and IACS will closely monitor the discussions and consider any requests for advice and comments from this session of the Sub-Committee that fall within the experience, expertise and remit of IACS and its Members.



Any enquiries on the above should be sent to Paul Sadler, IACS Accredited Representative to IMO, at permsec@iacs.org.uk


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