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Press Release 24 Sept 2015 - World Maritime Day

IACS recognises the importance of education and training on World Maritime Day By focussing on the importance of the human factor in shipping, IMO has reinforced the vital role played by a properly-trained and educated workforce

September 24 2015 Press Releases


New IACS Unified Requirement (UR) for Large Container Ships further improves the safety regime for these vessels The International Association of Classifications Societies (IACS) is pleased to announce the adoption of new Unified Requirements that will further improve the safety of Large Container Ships by enhancing consistency between pre-existing Class Society provisions in this area. Amalgamated within a single new Unified Requirement (UR S11A) are three new safety measures that provide a robust, timely and complete response to the findings of the investigation by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) issued in March 2015 and subsequent papers to the IMO. UR S11A is further complemented by an additional Unified Requirement (UR S34) which deals with minimum loading conditions to be analysed.

June 12 2015 Press Releases

Press Release 5 March 2015

The International Association of Classifications Societies (IACS) has received the final report issued in Japan by the Committee on Large Container Ship Safety (CLCSS), which concludes that the "MOL COMFORT" break up possibly occurred because the sea loads exceeded the hull girder ultimate strength at the time of the casualty.

March 5 2015 Press Releases

Press Release 8 January 2015

The Chairman and Council of IACS are very pleased to announce that Robert Ashdown has accepted an offer to take up a position as Secretary General of IACS from 5th May 2015.

January 8 2015 Press Releases

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