IACS Council 77 Press Release 29 JUN 2018

IACS Council 77 Press Release 29 Jun 2018


Engagement, Innovation and Delivery to be core objectives of new IACS chairman's time in office.

The IACS Council held its 77th session (C77) in Hamburg last week, where the wide range of discussions reflected the key role IACS plays in supporting the maritime sector. From recent developments around digitalisation, cyber safety and autonomy, to upcoming regulations, such as the 2020 Global Sulphur Cap and IMO greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy, the IACS Council has set down its position on these issues in a manner consistent with its five-year strategic plan and aligned with its core values of quality operations, transparency, technical knowledge and leadership.

These high-level positions, which will also include cyber safety, Ballast Water Management, Digitalisation and Autonomy, will be clearly set down in a series of forthcoming position papers that will be published over the course of the next few months and will provide clarity to the maritime industry as to IACS’ stance on these matters.  IACS Council also agreed that it will bring the experience of the IACS Members related to EEDI implementation to IMO by a submission describing the technical consequences of EEDI.

On cyber safety the IACS Council also confirmed the schedule and commitment to deliver twelve recommendations by the end of the year. These recommendations are intended to facilitate the delivery of cyber resilient ships and the maintenance of that status throughout their operational life.  Once published, IACS will focus on obtaining industry feedback and experience with a view to their ongoing development and evolution.

C77 marked the conclusion of DNV GL’s Chairmanship of IACS. Looking back on his year in office, DNV GL-Maritime CEO, Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, said: “The past year has seen IACS take significant steps towards becoming a more modern and forward looking organisation that recognises the need to adapt to future challenges, while maintaining its leading role in supporting the maritime industry through quality operations. The achievements in areas such as cyber safety, autonomy and new survey technologies demonstrate IACS’ ability to adapt to new ways of working. And I am particularly pleased with the progress made towards strengthening the IACS benchmarking indicators for members and revising the membership criteria.”

Taking over the IACS Chairmanship on 1 July 2018 is Mr Jeong-kie Lee, Chairman and CEO of the Korean Register, who said ‘I am honoured to be taking on the Chairmanship of IACS at a pivotal time in the Association’s development. In a rapidly evolving maritime world where automation and digitalization have become the key driving forces behind innovation, IACS’ role remains crucial and we will continue to provide expert technical advice and guidance to the international shipping community, while maintaining our primary function of promoting the safety of life at sea and the protection of property and the environment.’

Addressing the IACS Council, Mr Lee outlined how his Chairmanship will further deliver the IACS five-year strategic plan by continuing efforts to finalise and further develop IACS’ initial series of recommendations on cyber safety, ensuring IACS remains responsive to the needs of its stakeholders regarding the reduction of GHG emissions and autonomous ships, and taking additional steps to enhance the quality performance of IACS Members.

Congratulating Mr Ørbeck-Nilssen on the progress made during his time in office, Mr Lee went on ‘I congratulate Knut on his many achievements as IACS Chair and the dedication he has shown to the Association. In this 50th year of IACS’ existence, my objective as Chair is to continue to future-proof the Association so that it remains well placed to develop and implement the standards the shipping industry requires to successfully navigate an ever more complex regulatory and technical world.’

Photo of Mr Jeong-kie Lee can be found here.


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