In demonstrating its ongoing commitment to supporting the work of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and within its remit as the Organization’s principal technical advisor, IACS will actively participate in the forthcoming 7th session of the Sub-Committee on Carriage of Cargoes and Containers (CCC 7), which will meet remotely from 6 to 10 September 2021.

Noting the work IACS Members undertake as Recognized Organizations of IMO Member States, verifying compliance of ships with IMO agreed requirements, and with a view to achieve clarity for all parties, IACS has submitted the following papers under agenda item 3 (Amendments to the IGF Code and development of Guidelines for low-flashpoint fuels), and agenda item 11 (Unified interpretation of provisions of IMO Safety, Security, and environment-related conventions):

CCC 7/3/3 proposes amendments to part A-1 (paragraphs 5.12.1,, 9.8.1, 9.8.2, 9.8.4 and table 1 of chapter 15) and paragraph of part C-1 of the IGF Code.

CCC 7/3/6 provides comments on the amendments to the IGF Code proposed in document CCC 7/3/1.  IACS offers modifications to improve the proposed text in paper CCC 7/3/1 related to paragraphs, 8.4.2 and 8.4.3 of the IGF Code.

CCC 7/3/7 provides key comments on the report of the Correspondence Group on the Development of Technical Provisions for the Safety of Ships Using Low-flashpoint Fuels contained in document CCC 7/3, to facilitate the consistent implementation of the amended IGF Code requirements.

CCC 7/11 provides a draft unified interpretation of paragraphs 11.3.4 and 11.3.7 of the International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (IGC Code) (resolution MSC.370(93)), which has been developed with a view to facilitating the consistent and global implementation of the Code's requirements related to the location of manually operated isolation valves in the water spray system and fire main arrangements.

CCC 7/11/5 provides comments on the draft unified interpretation of paragraph of the IGC Code proposed by INTERTANKO in the annex to document CCC 7/11/2.  IACS offers modifications to the proposed unified interpretation to clarify which areas should be provided with gas detection.

CCC 7/11/6 provides comments on the observations made by EUROMOT related to the draft unified interpretation of paragraph 9.2.2 of part A-1 of the IGF Code, as contained in document CCC 7/11/1.

IACS will also contribute to the discussions under agenda item 4 on Amendments to the IGC and IGF Codes to include high manganese austenitic steel and related guidance for approving alternative metallic material for cryogenic service. 

Any enquiries on the above should be sent to Konstantin Petrov, IACS Accredited Representative to IMO, at arimo@iacs.org.uk

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