In demonstrating its ongoing commitment to support the work of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), IACS will participate in the next meeting of the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III 6) that will meet from 1 to 5 July 2019.

In particular, IACS notes that MSC 101 (June 2019) has tasked III 6 to conduct a final review of the draft revised Model Agreement. This document provides a template that an Administration may take into account when formulating the written Agreement to authorise a Recognized Organization to act on its behalf. IACS will actively participate in this review. In principle, and as agreed by MSC101, IACS considers the draft revised Model Agreement should be consistent with, but not go beyond, what it is required by the Code for Recognized Organizations (RO Code). 

IACS will also closely monitor the discussions and consider any requests for advice and comments from this session of the Sub-Committee that fall within the experience, expertise and remit of IACS and its Members; especially in relation to the work IACS Members undertake in their capacity as Recognized Organizations on behalf of Administrations. 

In this regard, it is noted that the Sub-Committee will continue to update the Survey Guidelines under the Harmonized System of Survey and Certification (HSSC) to take account of recent changes to the IMO’s regulatory framework. These Guidelines are an important reference document regarding the conduct and scope of statutory surveys, which are often delegated to Recognized Organizations. 

IACS will also provide advice to the Sub-Committee during the discussions in relation to the analysis of marine casualty investigation reports that have been submitted by Member States; and the ongoing work to harmonize Port State Control (PSC) activities and procedures worldwide. 

During the lunch break on Monday 1 July, IACS will provide an overview of its Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) and explain our experience to date of the outcome of the inaugural meeting of the International Quality Assessment Review Body (IQARB) in the trial phase. All participants registered to attend III 6 are very welcome to attend. 

Any enquiries on the above should be sent to Paul Sadler, IACS Accredited Representative to IMO, at permsec@iacs.org.uk

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