In demonstrating its ongoing commitment to support the work of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), IACS will participate in the next meeting of the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR 7) that will meet from Wednesday, 15 to Friday, 24 January 2020. IACS in its role as the IMO’s principal technical advisor will contribute to the discussions at NCSR 7; informing and facilitating the decisions that will be taken by the Member States.

• IACS and CIRM have submitted paper NCSR 7/18 seeking clarification whether expired primary batteries can be used when examining and checking the operation of survival craft portable two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus. The co-sponsors understand that the use of expired primary batteries compliant with the requirements of paragraph 12.6 of resolution MSC.149(77) is acceptable and does not constitute a violation of the relevant IMO requirements. The purpose of examining and checking the operation of two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus is to verify the apparatus is in a satisfactory condition. As such, any battery, other than a dedicated primary sealed battery, such as a secondary rechargeable or primary unsealed battery, may be used for this purpose.

• With the EU Member States, the European Commission and a number of other industry organisations, IACS has also co-sponsored paper NCSR 7/13 containing a preliminary draft revision of the Guidelines on places of refuge for ships in need of assistance (resolution A.949(23)). The aim of these Guidelines is to enhance cooperation and coordination among all parties involved, when providing a place of refuge for a ship. To ensure that the Guidelines continue to be used effectively, and to provide a clear framework to deal with ships in need of assistance seeking a place of refuge in a consistent and harmonised manner; the co-sponsors propose to amend the structure of the Guidelines, in particular by having a dedicated section for each involved party.

Any enquiries on the above should be sent to Konstantin Petrov, IACS Accredited Representative to IMO (elect), at permsec@iacs.org.uk 

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