Thursday 9th November 2017 – 08:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs

Intercontinental Hotel, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 

Since the 1 January 2011 the audit and assessment of compliance with the QSCS has been carried out by independent Accredited Certification Bodies (ACB’s).

Having now been in operation for nearly seven years and given the proven benefits resulting from previous end user workshops, IACS will convene the 2017 workshop between its Members and their ACB’s to reflect on their joint experiences of the scheme and to discuss any possible adjustments deemed appropriate to ensure it continues to meet fully the demands and needs of all stakeholders for a robust and consistent scheme of certification of its members. 

The purpose of this workshop, to be held at the Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore, is to share openly with each other, our experiences to date, in order to further develop and enhance the scheme.

IACS will also be inviting flag administrations, Classification Societies, ACBs and other interested stakeholders that might have attended previous end user workshops or have expressed an interest to attend, to join us for this 2017 workshop in Singapore.

The workshop will be held in the Intercontinental Hotel and a favourable discounted rate for accommodation, available until 23 October, has been agreed with the hotel which delegates can book for themselves using the following link;



Further details of this event can be obtained from Peter Williams, IACS Quality Secretary, at the address shown below:

IACS Ltd, QSCS Operations Centre, Sixth Floor, 36, Broadway, London, SW1H 0BH

E-mail: qscs.ops@iacs.org.uk

Tel: +44(0) 1590 637269

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