PR 11 IACS Procedure for Assigning Date of Build
Rev.1 November 2010

PR 12 Procedure for Statutory Certification at Change of Class without Change of Flag - Rev.3 May 2019 Clean

PR 14 Deleted

PR 14 Procedure for Reporting the List of Bulk Carriers Complying with UR’s S19, S22 and S23
Deleted July 2009

PR 15 Deleted

PR 15 Procedure for Reporting the List of Ships Complying with ISM Code - Deleted (Mar 2009)

PR 16 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

Procedure for providing lists of classed ships to Equasis - Rev.1 Corr.1 Nov 2020 Clean

PR 17 Reporting on deficiencies possibly affecting the implementation of the ISM Code on board - Rev.2 Oct 2020 Clean

PR 17 and PR 18 Contact Details

PR17 and PR18 - List of Contact Points for ISM & ISPS Matters - Updated in Apr 2022

PR 18 Transfer of Safety and Security Management Systems Certification
Rev.1 Sept 2012

PR 19 Procedural Requirement for Thickness Measurements Rev.1 July 2017

PR 20 Procedural Requirement for certain ESP Surveys - Rev.3 May 2019 Clean

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