PR 21 Procedural Requirement for Statutory Surveys by Exclusive Surveyors. Rev.2 Mar 2018 Clean.

PR 22 Deleted

PR 22 Procedural Requirement concerning IACS Societies’ involvement in monitoring CAS work
Deleted July 2009

PR 23 Contact Details

PR 23 (Approval of Thickness Measurement Firms) Point of Contact Details - Updated in Apr 2022

PR 23 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

PR 23 Procedure for Reporting Cancellation of Approval of a Thickness Measurement Firm
Rev.1 (Complete Revision) Corr.1 December 2013

PR 24 Procedural Requirements for ISPS Code Certification - Rev.1 May 2019 Clean

PR 25 Deleted

PR 25 Procedure for Training and Qualification of Maritime Security Auditors

Deleted in Mar 2009 (incorporated into PR 10 Rev.5 Mar 2009)

PR 26 Deleted

PR 26 Procedure for Reporting the List of Ships Complying with ISPS Code See also IMO's ISPS Code Database - Deleted (Mar 2009)

PR 27 Deleted

PR 27 Transfer of ISPS Code Certification (TOSCA) Deleted Jan 2008

PR 28 Procedure for Change of Flag Rev.2 Jan 2018 Clean.

PR 29 Rev0 CLN

Definition of date of 'contract for construction'
Rev.0 July 2009

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