Liquified Gases in Bulk

UI GC1 Deleted

UI GC1 Deleted

UI GC2 Interpretation of the second sentence of paragraph 13.2.1 - Rev.1 Dec 2018 Clean

UI GC3 Deleted

UI GC3 Deleted 1997

UI GC4 Deleted

UI GC4 Deleted 1997

UI GC5 Closing Devices for Air Intakes - Rev.1 February 2016

UI GC6 Cargo tank clearances - Rev.1 Feb 2016

UI GC7 Carriage of products not covered by the code - Rev.1 June 2016

UI GC8 Permissible stresses in way of supports of type C cargo tanks - Rev.1 June 2016

UI GC9 Guidance for sizing pressure relief systems for interbarrier spaces - Rev.1 Dec 2018 Clean

UI GC10 Reliquefaction plant of moter-driven LNG-carriers - Rev.1 Dec 2018 Clean

GC11 Loading of cargo C tanks for ships constructed before 1 July 2016 and subject to IMO International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships Carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (MSC.5(48)) Rev.1 Feb 2016

GC12 Secondary barrier testing requirements Rev.2 Aug 2015

UI GC13 Examination before and after the first loaded voyage - Rev.2 May 2019

UI GC14 New

UI GC14 Pump Vents in Machinery Spaces (IGC Code Chapters 3.7.4 as amended by Res. MSC. 103(73) and IGC Code Chapters 3.7.5 as amended by Res. MSC. 370(93)) - April 2015

UI GC15 Closing Devices for Air Intakes - Rev1 August 2017

UI GC16 New

UI GC16 Cargo tank clearances (on ships constructed on or after 1 July 2016) - March 2016

UI GC17 New

UI GC17 Unprotected openings - June 2016

UI GC18 New Corr1 CLN

UI GC18 - Test for cargo tank’s high level alarm - Clean New Corr1 March 2017.

UI GC19 New

UI GC19 External surface area of the tank for determining sizing of pressure relief valve (paragraph and figure 8.1) New Aug 2017.

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