UI GC20 New

UI GC20 Tee welds in type A or type B independent tanks - New Apr 2019

UI GC21 New

UI GC21 Welds of type C independent bi-lobe tank with centreline bulkhead - New Apr 2019

UI GC22 Water spray system - Rev.1 Apr 2020 Clean

UI GC23 New Corr1 CLN

UI GC23 Cargo tank structure heating arrangement power supply - New Corr.1 Dec 2019 Clean

UI GC24 Fire Test for Emergency Shutdown Valves - Rev.1 Feb 2019 Clean

UI GC25 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

UI GC25 Cargo piping insulation - Rev.1 Corr.1 Dec 2019 Clean

UI GC26 Corr1 Dec 2019 CLN

UI GC26 Type testing requirements for valves - Corr.1 Dec 2019 Clean

UI GC27 Corr1 Dec 2019 CLN

UI GC27 Level indicators for cargo tanks - Corr.1 Dec 2018 Clean

UI GC28 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

UI GC28 Guidance for sizing pressure relief systems for interbarrier spaces - Rev.1 Corr.1 Feb 2021 Clean

UI GC29 Corr1 Dec 2019 CLN

UI GC29 Integrated systems - Corr.1 Dec 2019 Clean

UI GC30 New

UI GC30 Emergency fire pump - New Apr 2020

UI GC31 New

UI GC31 Discharge test of dry chemical powder fire-extinguishing systems - New June 2020

UI GC32 Outer Duct in Gas Fuel Piping Systems - New Feb 2021

Note: UI GC32 Rev.1 will come into force on 1 January 2023 and can be found in "Revision History"

UI GC33 New

UI GC33 Cargo Sampling - New Feb 2021

UI GC34 New

UI GC34 Cargo Filters - New Feb 2021

UI GC35 New

UI GC35 Inhibition of Cargo Pump Operation and Opening of Manifold ESD valves with Level Alarms Overridden - New Feb 2021

UI GC36 New

UI GC36 Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring Equipment in a Nitrogen Generator Room Area - New Feb 2021

UI GC37 New

UI GC37 Suitable Pressure Relief System for Air Inlet, Scavenge Spaces, Exhaust System and Crank Case - New Feb 2021

UI GC38 New

UI GC38 Deck areas above F.O. tanks installed at the after end of the aftermost hold space - New Mar 2022

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