Interpretations of the IGF Code

UI GF1 New

UI GF1 - Test for gas fuel tank’s high level alarm - New Jan 2017

UI GF2 New

UI GF2 - Ship Steel Protection against Liquefied Gas Fuel (Part A-1, paragraph 6.3.10) - New Sep 2017.


UI GF3 New

UI GF3 - Tank connection space for tanks on open deck and tank connection space equipment

UI GF4 New

UI GF4 - Fuel preparation room

UI GF5 New

UI GF5 - Appropriate location of premixed engines using fuel gas mixed with air before the turbocharger

UI GF6 New

UI GF6 - Protection against cryogenic leakage and control of hazardous zones in fuel preparation rooms on open deck

UI GF7 New

UI GF7 - External surface area of the tank for determining sizing of pressure relief valve

UI GF8 New

UI GF8 - Control and maintenance of pressure and temperature of liquefied gas fuel tanks after the activation of the safety system

UI GF9 New

UI GF9 - Special consideration within the risk assessment of closed or semi-enclosed bunkering stations

UI GF10 New

UI GF10 - Ventilation of machinery spaces

UI GF11 New

UI GF11 - Ventilation of double piping and gas valve unit spaces in gas safe engine-rooms

UI GF12 New

UI GF12 - Ventilation inlet for double wall piping or duct

UI GF13 New

UI GF13 Fire protection of spaces containing equipment for the fuel preparation - New July 2018

UI GF14 New

UI GF14 Hazardous area classification of fuel storage hold spaces - New July 2018

UI GF15 New

UI GF15 Alarms for loss of ventilation capacity - New July 2018

UI GF16 New

UI GF16 Liquefied gas fuel tank loading limit higher than calculated using the reference temperature - New Dec 2018

UI GF17 New

UI GF17 Other rooms with high fire risk - New Dec 2018

UI GF18 New

UI GF18 Level indicator in the bilge well of tank connection spaces of independent liquefied gas storage tanks - New Feb 2019

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