UI LL20 Rev1 CLN

UI LL20 Hatch beams and cover stiffeners of variable cross section (Regulations 15(4), 15(5), 15(6), 15(7) and 16) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL21 Rev1 CLN

UI LL21 Cargo ports or similar openings below the uppermost load line (Regulation 21(2)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL22 Rev1 CLN

UI LL22 Position of the inboard end of discharges when timber freeboard is assigned (Regulation 22(1)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL23 Rev1 CLN

UI LL23 Freeing arrangement (Regulations 26(5), 27(7) and 36(1)(e)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL24 Rev1 CLN

UI LL24 Negative depth correction (Regulation 31(3)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL25 Rev1 CLN

UI LL25 Effective length of raised quarterdeck (Regulation 35(4)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL26 Rev2 CLN

UI LL26 Continuous hatchways as trunk (Regulation 36) - Rev.2 July 2008

UI LL27 Rev1 CLN

UI LL27 Less than standard hatch coamings on trunks of less than standard height (Regulation 36(4)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL28 Rev1 CLN

UI LL28 Deduction for superstructures and trunks (Regulations 37 and 38(12)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL29 Rev2 CLN

UI LL29 Sheer Credit for Superimposed Superstructures (Regulation 38(5), 38(7) and 38(12)) - Rev.2 July 2008

UI LL30 Rev1 CLN

UI LL30 Sheer allowance for excess height of superstructure (Regulations 38(7) and 38(12)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL31 Rev1 CLN

UI LL31 Deduction for excess sheer (Regulation 38(15)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL32 Deleted

UI LL32 Special requirements for vehicle ferries, ro-ro ships and other ships of similar type Withdrawn Oct 2007, re-categorised as UI SC220 (NEW Oct 2007)

UI LL33 Rev1 CLN

UI LL33 Timber freeboards for ships having reduced Type B freeboards assigned (Regulations 45(2) and 45(3)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL34 Corr1 CLN

UI LL34 Freeboard for lighters and barges (Regulation 27(11) of 1966 ILLC) - Corr.1 July 2008

UI LL35 Stowage of timber deck cargo on ships having timber freeboards assigned (Regulations 44 and 45) - Del June 2021

UI LL36 Rev2 CLN

UI LL36 Minimum wall thickness of pipes (Regulations 19, 20 and 22) - Rev.2 July 2008

UI LL37 Rev2 CLN

UI LL37 Superstructures with sloping end bulkheads (Regulations 34, 35 and 38(12)) - Rev.2 July 2008

UI LL38 Rev2 CLN

UI LL38 Bow Height (Regulation 39(2)) - Rev.2 July 2008

UI LL39 Rev1 CLN

UI LL39 Structure of a lower freeboard deck (Regulation 3(9)) - Rev.1 July 2008

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