UI LL40 Rev2 CLN

UI LL40 Security of hatch covers (Regulation 15(13)) - Rev.2 July 2008

UI LL41 Rev1 CLN

UI LL41 Trunks (Regulations 29, 36 and 38) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL42 Rev1 CLN

UI LL42 Access openings on barges (Regulation 27(11)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL43 Rev1 CLN

UI LL43 Minimum bow height (Regulation 39) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL44 Rev1 CLN

UI LL44 Freeing ports (Regulation 24(3)) - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL45 Rev2 CLN

UI LL45 Presentation of stability data (Regulation 10(2)) - Rev.2 Aug 2008

UI LL46 Rev3 CLN

UI LL46 Protection of openings in raised quarterdecks (Regulation 18(2) and Interpretation LL8) - Rev.3 July 2008

UI LL47 Rev3 CLN

UI LL47 Guard Rails - Rev.3 July 2008

UI LL48 Rev2 CLN

UI LL48 Moulded Depth (Regulation 3(5)(c) and 3(9) and Freeboard Calculation (Regulation 40(1)) - Rev.2 July 2008

UI LL49 Rev1 CLN

UI LL49 Air pipe closing devices (Regulation 20) - Rev.1 July 2008 CLN

UI LL50 Protection of Crew (1966 Load Line Convention Regulation 25(4), 26(2) and 27(7), 1988 Protocol Regulation 25(4), 26(2) and 27(8) and SOLAS II-1/3-3) - Rev.6 June 2021 Clean

UI LL51 Rev2 CLN

UI LL51 Freeboards greater than minimum (Regulation 2(5)) - Rev.2 July 2008 CLN

UI LL52 Rev1 CLN

UI LL52 Weathertight closing appliances for ventilators (Regulation 19(4)) - Rev.1 July 2008 CLN

UI LL53 Rev1 CLN

UI LL53 Treatment of moonpools - Rev.1 July 2008 CLN

UI LL54 Rev1 CLN

UI LL54 Effective length of superstructures (Regulation 35(3)) - Rev.1 July 2008 CLN

UI LL55 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

UI LL55 Least Moulded Depth for a Ship with a Rake of Keel (Regulation 3(1)) - Rev.1 Corr.1 Dec 2021 Clean

UI LL56 Rev1 CLN

UI LL56 Block Coefficient of a Pontoon (Regulation 3(7)) - Rev.1 July 2008 Clean

UI LL57 Rev1 CLN

UI LL57 Block Coefficient of a Multi-hull Craft (Regulation 3(7)) - Rev.1 July 2008 Clean

UI LL58 Rev1 CLN

UI LL58 Machinery space and emergency generator room ventilator coaming heights (Regulations 17(2), 19(3) and 19(4)) - Rev.1 July 2008 Clean

UI LL59 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

UI LL59 Cargo manifold gutter bars - freeing arrangements and intact stability- Rev.1 Corr.1 Feb 2022 Clean

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