UI LL60 Rev1 CLN

UI LL60 Freeing ports in way of wells in combination with open superstructures (Regulation 24(1) and 24(4)) - Rev.1 July 2008 Clean 

UI LL61 Rev1 CLN

UI LL61 Method of correction for the effect of free surface of liquids in tanks (Regulation 10(2), UR L3 and UI LL45) - Rev.1 July 2008 Clean

UI LL62 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

UI LL62 Side Scuttles, Windows and Skylights (Regulation 23) - Rev.1 Corr.1 - August 2010

UI LL63 Rev2 CLN

UI LL63 Treatment of steps and recesses in transverse subdivision bulkheads: IMO Res. A.320 (IX), paragraphs 12(d) and 12(e), and Regulation 27(12)(d) and (e), Revised 1988 ICLL (MSC.143(77)) - Rev.2 July 2008 Clean

UI LL64 Rev5 CLN

UI LL64 Non-weathertight hatch covers above superstructure deck (Load Line Convention 1966 Regulations 2(5) and 14(2)) - Rev.5 July 2008 Clean

UI LL65 Ships with assigned or reassigned reduced freeboards and intended to carry deck cargo - Rev.3 Feb 2021 Clean

UI LL66 New

UI LL66 Hatch Cover Stress/Deflection Calculation - Oct 2003

UI LL67 Rev1 CLN

UI LL67 Endorsement of Certificates with the Date of Completion of the Survey on which they are Based - Rev.1, Nov. 2005 Clean

UI LL68 Rev1 CLN

UI LL68 Position of Freeboard Deck on Float On/Float Off Barge Carriers - Rev.1 July 2008 Clean

UI LL69 Rev1 CLN

UI LL69 Interpretation to 1966 ICLL Reg. 27 - Rev.1 July 2008

UI LL70 New

UI LL70 Corrosion Margin for Hatch Cover Design - New Jan 2005

UI LL71 Rev1 CLN

UI LL71 Similar stage of construction - Rev.1 July 2008 Clean

UI LL72 New

UI LL72 Interpretation to ICLL Regulation 27 - Sept 2005

UI LL74 New

UI LL74 Measurement of Distances - Aug 2008

UI LL75 Rev1 CLN

UI LL75 Permeability of Store Space in the Damage Stability Calculation (Regulation 27(3) & (8.d)) - Rev.1 Mar 2009 Clean

UI LL76 Deleted June 2016

UI LL77 Corr1 CLN

UI LL77 Application of Load Line Requirements to Conversions of Single-hull Oil Tankers to Double-hull Oil Tankers or Bulk Carriers - Corr.1 Dec 2021 Clean

UI LL78 Corr1 CLN

UI LL78 Keel Laying Date for Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Craft - Corr.1 January 2014 Clean

UI LL79 New

UI LL79 Continuous hatchways (Regulation 36(6)) - July 2014

UI LL80 New

UI LL80 Unprotected openings June 2016

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