UI SC269 Rev1 CLN

UI SC269 Means of escape from the steering gear space in cargo ships Rev 1 December 2015

UI SC270 Rev1 CLN

UI SC270 Fire pumps in ships designed to carry five or more tiers of containers on or above the weather deck (Res. MSC.365(93), SOLAS II-2/, II- 2/, II-2/, II-2/19.3.1 and IMO FSS Code Ch. - Rev.1 Dec 2015

UI SC271 New

UI SC271 Additional indicating unit in the cargo control room in accordance with amended FSS Code Chapter - January 2015

UI SC272 Rev1 CLN

UI SC272 Inert gas supply to double-hull spaces (SOLAS II-2/ - Rev.1 July 2016 Clean

UI SC273 Rev1 CLN

UI SC273 Inclusion of mediums of the fire-fighting systems in lightweight (SOLAS II-1/2.21, SOLAS II-2/3.28) and lightship condition (IS Code 2008 Paragraph 2.23) - Rev.1 May 2016 Clean

UI SC274 Rev1 CLN

UI SC274 Hazardous area classification in respect of selection of electrical equipment, cables and wiring and positioning of openings and air intakes - Rev.1 Feb 2021 Clean

UI SC275 Rev1 CLN

UI SC275 Suitable number of spare air cylinders to be provided in connection with drills - Rev.1 September 2016 Clean

UI SC276 New

UI SC276 Escape from machinery spaces on passenger ships SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 13.4.1 - January 2016

UI SC277 New

UI SC277 Escape from machinery spaces on cargo ships SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation 13.4.2 - January 2016

UI SC278 New

UI SC278 Escape from accommodation spaces, service spaces and control stations on cargo ships SOLAS Chapter II-2, Regulation and - January 2016

UI SC279 New

UI SC279 Annual testing of VDR, S-VDR, AIS and EPIRB

- SOLAS regulation V/18.8 - Annual performance test of Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (S-VDR)

- SOLAS regulation V/18.9 - Annual performance test of Automatic Identification System (AIS)

- SOLAS regulation IV/15.9 - Annual test of EPIRB

June 2016

UI SC280 Angle of down-flooding (ϕf) / Angle at which an opening incapable of being closed weathertight (θv) (2008 IS Code, International Grain Code, SOLAS/Ch.II-1-Reg.7-2) - June 2016

Note: UI SC280 Rev.1 will come into force on 1 July 2023 and can be found in "Revision History"

UI SC281 Single fall and hook system used for launching a lifeboat or rescue boat - Interpretation of the LSA Code as amended by MSC.320(89) and MSC.81(70) as amended by MSC.321(89) - Withdrawn June 2017

UI SC282 New

UI SC282 Application of materials other than steel on engine, turbine and gearbox installations - Dec 2016

UI SC283 Withdrawn

UI SC283 - Withdrawn Aug 2017

UI SC284 New

UI SC284 - Automatic shutdown of the inert gas system and its components parts - New June 2018

UI SC285 New

UI SC285 - Operational status of valves to cargo tanks - New June 2018

UI SC286 New

UI SC286 - Operational status of the inert gas system - New June 2018

UI SC287 New

UI SC287 - Low pressure audible alarm system - New June 2018

UI SC288 New

UI SC288 Carriage of Dangerous Goods – Required Air Changes - New Dec 2018

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