UR M - Machinery installations

UR M20 Deleted

Periodical survey of machinery - Deleted Nov 2001

UR M21 Deleted

Mass production of internal combustion engines: type test conditions - Deleted Feb 2015

UR M23 Deleted

Mass production of engines: mass produced exhaust driven turboblowers - Deleted Feb 2015

UR M24 Rev1 CLN

UR M24 Requirements concerning use of crude oil or slops as fuel for tanker boilers - Rev.1 1976

UR M25 Astern power for main propulsion - Rev.4 June 2017.

UR M26 Corr1 CLN

UR M26 Safety devices of steam turbines - Corr.1 Feb 2005

UR M27 Bilge level alarms for unattended machinery spaces - Deleted Mar 2022

UR M28 New

UR M28 Ambient reference conditions - 1978

UR M29 Rev3 CLN

UR M29 Alarm systems for vessels with periodically unattended machinery spaces - Rev.3 1997

UR M30 Rev1 CLN

UR M30 Safety systems for vessels with periodically unattended machinery spaces - Rev.1 1997

UR M31 New

UR M31 Continuity of electrical power supply for vessels with periodically unattended machinery spaces - 1978

UR M32 Deleted

Definition of diesel engine type - Deleted Feb 2015

UR M33 Deleted

Scantlings of intermediate shafts - Deleted Feb 2005

UR M34 New

UR M34 Scantlings of coupling flanges - 1980

UR M35 Alarms, remote indications and safeguards for main reciprocating internal combustion engines installed in unattended machinery spaces - Rev.8 Jan 2019 Clean

UR M36 Alarms and safeguards for auxiliary reciprocating internal combustion engines driving generators in unattended machinery spaces - Rev.6 Dec 2018 Clean

UR M37 Deleted

Scantlings of propeller shafts - Deleted Feb 2005

UR M38 Deleted

k-factors for different shaft design features (intermediate shafts) - Deleted Feb 2005

UR M39 Deleted

k-factors for different shaft design features (propeller shafts) - Deleted Feb 2005

UR M40 New

UR M40 Ambient conditions – temperatures - 1981

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