UR S - Strength of Ships

Strength of Ships

UR S1 Requirements for Loading Conditions, Loading Manuals and Loading Instruments - Rev.7 May 2010

UR S1A Additional Requirements for Loading Conditions, Loading Manuals and Loading Instruments for Bulk Carriers, Ore Carriers and Combination Carriers - Rev.6 May 2010

UR S2 Definition of Ship's Length L and of Block Coefficient Cb - Rev.2 June 2019 Clean

UR S3 Strength of End Bulkheads of Superstructures and Deckhouses - Rev.1 May 2010

UR S4 Criteria for the Use of High Tensile Steel with Minimum Yield Stress of 315 N/mm2, 355 N/mmand 390 N/mm2 - Rev.4 April 2017 Clean

UR S5 Calculation of Midship Section Moduli for Conventional Ship for Ship's Scantlings - Corr.1 June 2019

UR S6 Rev9 Corr2 CLN

UR S6 Use of Steel Grades for Various Hull Members - Ships of 90m in Length and Above - Rev.9 Corr.2 Nov 2021 Clean

UR S7 Minimum Longitudinal Strength Standards - Rev.4 May 2010

UR S8 Bow Doors and Inner Doors - Rev.4 Dec 2010

UR S9 Side Shell Doors and Stern Doors - Rev.6 Dec 2010

UR S10 Rudders, Sole Pieces and Rudder Horns - Rev.6 Sep 2019 Clean

UR S11 Longitudinal Strength Standard - Rev.10 Dec 2020 Clean

UR S11A New

UR S11A Longitudinal Strength Standard for Container Ships - June 2015

UR S12 Side Structures in Single Side Skin Bulk Carriers - Rev.5 May 2010

UR S13 Rev2 Corr1 CLN

UR S13 Strength of Bottom Forward in Oil Tankers - Rev.2 Corr.1 May 2014

UR S14 Testing Procedures of Watertight Compartments - Rev.6 Sept 2016

UR S15 Rev1 CLN

UR S15 Side Shell Doors and Stern Doors - Retrospective Application of UR-S9 to Existing Ro-Ro Passenger Ships - Rev.1 Nov 2003

UR S16 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

UR S16 Bow Doors and Inner Doors - Retrospective Application of UR-S8, as amended 1995, to existing Ro-Ro Passenger Ships - Rev.1 Corr.1 Aug 2004

UR S17 Longitudinal Strength of Hull Girder in Flooded Condition for Non-CSR Bulk Carriers - Rev.10 Mar 2019 Clean

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