UR S - Strength of Ships

UR S18 Evaluation of Scantlings of Corrugated Transverse Watertight Bulkheads in Non-CSR Bulk Carriers Considering Hold Flooding - Rev.10 Mar 2019 Clean

UR S19 Rev5 CLN

UR S19 Evaluation of Scantlings of the Transverse Watertight Corrugated Bulkhead Between Cargo Holds Nos. 1 and 2, with Cargo Hold No. 1 Flooded, for Existing Bulk Carriers - Rev.5 July 2004

UR S20 Evaluation of Allowable Hold Loading for Non-CSR Bulk Carriers Considering Hold Flooding - Rev.6 Apr 2014

UR S21 Evaluation of Scantlings of Hatch Covers and Hatch Coamings of Cargo Holds of Bulk Carriers, Ore Carriers and Combination Carriers - Rev.5 May 2010

UR S21A Rev1 Corr2 CLN

UR S21A Evaluation of Scantlings of Hatch Covers and Hatch Coamings and Closing Arrangements of Cargo Holds of Ships - Rev.1 Corr.2 Mar 2019 Clean

UR S22 Rev3 CLN

UR S22 Evaluation of Allowable Hold Loading of Cargo Hold No.1 with Cargo Hold No.1 Flooded, for Existing Bulk Carriers - Rev.3 July 2004

UR S23 Rev4 CLN

Implementation of IACS Unified Requirements S19 and S22 for Existing Single Side Skin Bulk Carriers - Rev.4 Aug 2007

UR S24 Deleted

Deleted Jan 2004

UR S25 Deleted

Deleted May 2010

UR S26 Strength and Securing of Small Hatches on the Exposed Fore Deck Rev.4 May 2010

UR S27 Strength Requirements for Fore Deck Fittings and Equipment - Rev.6 Jun 2013

UR S28 Requirements for the Fitting of a Forecastle for Bulk Carriers, Ore Carriers and Combination Carriers - Rev.3 May 2010

UR S30 Rev1 Corr1 CLN

UR S30 Cargo Hatch Cover Securing Arrangements for Bulk Carriers not Built in Accordance with UR S21 (Rev.3) - Rev.1 Corr.1 Mar 2019 Clean

UR S31 Rev4 CLN

UR S31 Renewal Criteria for Side Shell Frames and Brackets in Single Side Skin Bulk Carriers and Single Side Skin OBO Carriers not Built in Accordance with UR S12 Rev.1 or Subsequent Revisions - Rev.4 Apr 2007

UR S32 Deleted

Deleted May 2010

UR S33 Requirements for Use of Extremely Thick Steel Plates in Container Ships - Rev.3 Feb 2020 Clean

UR S34 New

UR S34 Functional Requirements on Load Cases for Strength Assessment of Container Ships by Finite Element Analysis - May 2015

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