Advisory Committee (AVC)

The purpose of this long established IACS committee is to advise the IACS Quality Committee on the effectiveness of IACS Quality Systems Certification Scheme (QSCS) and its further evolution and improvement. 

IACS, as an association, was formed in 1968 to promote high standards of safety and pollution prevention in the maritime industry.   IACS members have never wavered from that objective and in pursuit of ever higher standards of service, in 1991 established the QSCS.  This is the management system that ensures the internal quality management system of each individual IACS member conforms to the requirements of the IACS scheme which is freely available on the IACS web site.  QSCS, widely recognized as the ‘gold standard’ for classification societies, is continually reviewed and updated by IACS and provides an all embracing, structured framework that all IACS members must comply with. 

The AVC represents the interests of external stakeholders that have an interest in the services provided by IACS member classification societies within the scope of the QSCS.  This also includes inspections and surveys carried out by the classification society when recognized by the Administration for statutory certification and services work. 

Comprised of senior industry figures that have a deep knowledge and understanding of the work of classification societies and the principles of quality management.  The committee meets twice a year and actively contributes to its improvement by providing independent counsel regarding the proper and impartial application of QSCS and ensures no single interest predominates in the decision making process.  Individual members of the AVC are personally appointed to the committee by IACS Council.  In undertaking it’s work the AVC reviews the results of audits, complaints and other relevant information appropriate to the proper functioning of the QSCS.

Taking an impartial view of the work and performance of IACS members, where the AVC considers it appropriate, it will make recommendations to IACS as to what improvements it considers could be made to enhance the policies and working methods regarding the operation of QSCS.  This includes scrutiny of the standard of audit conducted by the independent Accredited Certification Bodies (ACBs) recognised by IACS Members.

In addition to members of the AVC attending at least two audits per year, the Chair of the AVC  submits an annual report to the IACS summer Council meeting, which he also attends for quality matters, when the Quality Secretary presents the annual quality management review. 

IACS GPG Chairman, Quality Committee Chairman and Quality Secretary are all ex-officio members of the AVC.  The current membership of the AVC is as follows: 

Mr. Dragos Rauta

INTERTANKO, Technical Director

Mr. John Hannon

Director, Military Sealift Vessel Inspection Policy & Program Manager, US Flag Commercial Vessel Inspection USCG HQ (CG-CVC-4)

Mr. Lars Lange

IUMI, Secretary General

Mr. Heike Deggim

IMO, Director, Maritime Safety Division

Mr. Ronghua Hu

Deputy Director of Department of Ship Inspection & Regional Chief Port State Control Officer, Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration of P.R.China

Mr. Ashok Srinivasan

BIMCO, Manager, Maritime Technology & Regulation

Mr. Dave Iwamoto

Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU), Counselling Staff, Planning Group, Corporate Planning Department

Ms. Louise Hall

Shipowners Protection and Indemnity, Director - Loss Prevention, with oversight of Marketing (including internal communications) and Corporate Responsibility

Mr. Mark Ford

International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), Technical Director

Mr. CHEN Kit Jam

Assistant Director (Flag State Control), Shipping Division, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA)

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