Joint Statement on IACS Members Commitment to Quality

Guiding Principle

Quality is one of the 4 pillars of IACS and the IACS Quality System Certification Scheme (QSCS) is designed to achieve demonstrable, high quality performance of IACS Members.

IACS promotes continual improvement of its Members’ performance in the pursuit of high levels of safety of life, property and protection of the maritime environment.

IACS encourages and supports its Members to deliver:

  • high levels of technical expertise and competence;
  • integrity, impartiality and ethical practices; and
  • excellence of services either acting as a Classification Society or as a Recognized Organization.

In endeavouring to achieve the above objectives, IACS Members’ individual quality management systems, which inter alia are established in compliance with IACS QSCS, are independently audited by Accredited Certification Bodies (ACBs).

QSCS is continually reviewed and maintained by the Quality Committee with the advice of the Quality Advisory Committee, which is comprised of independent senior industry figures who provide advice and input from the perspective of parties external to IACS and its membership, interested in the quality management of classification and statutory services and the effectiveness of the QSCS.

IACS Members' commitment

To provide an assurance of professional integrity and the maintenance of high professional standards, by means of:

  • effective application of quality management systems complying with the IACS QSCS and audited by independent ACBs,
  • initial and periodical verification of compliance with the IACS Membership Criteria.
Quality Commitment 1 – Selection of ACBs

IACS Members shall select one of the ACBs that satisfies the requirements of the QSCS to conduct the audits and confirm compliance with the IACS Quality Management System Requirements (QMSR).

Quality Commitment 2 – Integrity of the audits

IACS Members shall ensure QSCS audits are conducted with full openness and cooperation with the ACB and the Quality Secretary shall ensure the continued robustness, consistency and integrity of the scheme.

Quality Commitment 3 – Recognition of the inherent value of effective audits

IACS Members recognise that QSCS audits improve their individual quality management systems and processes and facilitate continuous improvement at all levels.

Quality Commitment 4 – Issuance of findings

IACS Members are entitled to challenge and question the ACB, however they shall respect that the final authority to issue any independent finding rests with the ACB.

Quality Commitment 5 – IACS Council commitment to quality matters

Quality is one of the pillars of IACS and IACS Council shall deliberate quality related matters in every Council meeting. Further, the Quality Committee Chairman and Quality Secretary shall have direct access to Council in matters related to quality.

Joint Statement on IACS Members Commitment to Quality Documents

IACS Quality Commitment statement.pdf

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