Thickness Measurement Firms

Under Procedural Requirement 23, Classification Societies (CS) which are subject to verification of compliance with QSCS are obliged to report (via email) any change in the status of approval of thickness measurement (TM) companies to other IACS Members. Each CS maintains a list of TM approved companies at its website that can be interrogated by other CS using the link provided in the table below.

The new updating obligations include the addition of newly-approved TM firms, and the date when approval expires or when it is cancelled. Prior to issuing a new certificate of approval, or renewing/endorsing the certificate of a TM firm, the CS will be required to check the database/file list of other CS for information on status. If the TM firm in question has been the subject of a cancellation of approval, the CS will be required to take any necessary measures to substantiate the approval.

For queries relating to updates to TM Firms, please contact the relevant society - contact details may be found in PR 23.

The Thickness Measurement (TM) Firm database/file lists are maintained by individual CS. The lists cover TM Firms for ships subject to Enhanced Survey Programme (ESP)

Comments on the publication and suggestions for correctness are always welcome and should be forwarded to relevant CS. In particular, TM Firms listed are invited to check their details and report to the CS concerned should any inaccurate data be found.

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Click on the Class logo in the table below to gain access to relevant CS TM database/file list containing TM firms.



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